Last illustration of 2013, this one of Sherlock Holmes (classic style) appearing in this week’s first 2014 issue of Backstage.

The first Sherlock Holmes game.

 Created by Parker Brothers in  1904. 

For three to eight players. 

The entire deck is dealt.  Each player  turns up the top card from their stack at the same time.  If a player sees that another  has turned up a card matching their  own they “capture” that card.  A “Sherlock Holmes” card allows the player to take all “captured” cards of any one player.

When a player has run out of cards in their stack three times,  the number of captured  cards that say “Thief,” “Robber” and  “Burglar”are counted. The player with the most cards wins.


My favorite moments from the third episode: dat carpet

7/100  photos of Sherlock2


Although I have loved this, this little game of ours.

Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective.